Friday, 1 April 2011

Adjustment Bureau tagline and the trailers for Rio

The trailers for The Adjustment Bureau recently all screamed 'IT'S BOURNE MEETS INCEPTION'. Having seen the film a couple of weeks ago, it's safe to say that it's actually nothing like either of them; the storyline is actually much closer to The Matrix meets 1984, and it had very few of the action scenes that the Bourne trilogy are famous for (the only similarity was Damon stars in both). The two chases I remember are for the wrong reasons; one because it was punctuated with John Slattery running back to pick up his hat; the other because the music playing as Matt Damon chatted up Emily Blunt (or 'THE Emily Blunt' as she's called on the poster) whilst being chased by one of the Bureau employees was more reminiscent of a light-hearted rom-com than a 'serious' sci-fi. Essentially, they could have easily said 'IT'S JURASSIC PARK MEETS GOOD WILL HUNTING' if the formula they used was 'name a popular sci-fi film and a well known Matt Damon film'.

Another set of film ads which has been particularly irritating in recent weeks is that for Rio. I can't remember the last time when a marketing campaign was so systematic in its ensuring that I will never be interested in the product being advertised. In actuality, I've only seen the trailer a couple of times, it looks fairly standard talking animal CGI fare; the really annoying things have been the Orange adverts, which have been shown before just about every film I've seen for the last two or so months (it seems like so, so much longer). Not only do they not really make sense (Orange being a phone company and showing video calling to not only be undesirable, but also totally rubbish), but they have made me, and I'm sure others, loathe the main creature Blu weeks before the film is actually released. A true feat of advertising fail.

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